What to expect from The Savvy Flyer in 2019

Thanks to everyone who have been using our website, booking flights, hotels and everything else we provide.  It has been a great year and we look forward to finding you the very best deals on flights and luxury travel in 2019.

We thought we would take this opportunity to wish you a fabulous time over the festive period and let you know what to expect from us in 2019. 

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Flight Times from London to Popular Cities Around the World

Want to know how long you will be on the plane when you fly from the UK to cities around the world?  We have put together a list of flight times from London Heathrow to popular cities for UK travellers. 

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Luxury Maldives Holidays

If you are looking for a luxury island getaway the Maldives should be at the top of your shortlist.  Crystal clear waters lap up the soft, white, sandy beaches of a private island surrounded by a turquoise lagoon teaming with tropical wildlife.  Throw in some luxurious accommodation (often with your own private swimming pool), fine dining, 5-star service and 8 hours of sunshine a day and you are starting to get a sense of the magnificent Maldives.

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More Luxury Long Haul Holiday Destinations

We have already seen the Maldives, Bali, Florida, Barbados and Florida in our original post about the top luxury long haul holiday destinations popular with UK holidaymakers looking for an opulent place to enjoy a week or two.  Quite clearly there are a lot more than 5 luxury holiday destinations with regular departures from the UK.  Whether it is the stunning beauty of St Lucia, the excitement of Dubai, or maybe a lodge where you can see some animals.

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Long Haul Destinations from Newcastle Airport

You can discover the world from Newcastle airport.  Travellers in the North East, North West and southern Scotland will find Newcastle airport a handy option for departures across the globe.  Newcastle airport serves many long-haul destinations across all continents (apart from Antarctica!) Bali, Chicago, Dubai, Lima, New York, Shanghai and Tokyo are just a few of the destinations served by Newcastle Airport.  Newcastle airport has direct flights to long haul destinations such as Orlando, Dubai, Dominican Republic and Mexico and a huge range of indirect flights to exotic long-haul destinations in South America, Asia, Australia, the Indian Ocean, North America and the Middle East.   Find out more about Newcastle airport below;

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