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    South America Travel Guide

    Andean heights, Amazonian tropical forest, Patagonian glaciers, Incan remnants, colonial settlements, white-sand seashores and dizzying club scene, the miracles of South America fix the platform for implausible journeys. Not anything matches the hearing the beats of Colombian salsa, Brazilian samba, Argentine tango and Andean traditional melody in the home where they were born.
    South America can become a lifespan obsession. From the snowcapped mounts of the Andes to the surging channels of the Amazon, South America extends a stunning collection of natural miracles. This is a landmass of deluxe rainforests, soaring volcanoes, foggy bank of cloud forests, bone parched deserts, red rock gorges, frost blue glaciers and sun-kissed seashores. As sceneries go, there are not many other spaces on earth that proposes so much diversity. South America is the center of an amazing diversity of existing and antique cultures, and feeling it personally is as calm as displaying up.

    Flying to South America

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    Cities of South America

    Bogotá: A town of divergences with a chaotic equilibrium between the fresh and the ancient, hence the greatest cultural-minded of South American assets
    Buenos Aires: The town of tango, the utmost pluralistic municipal of Argentina
    Caracas: One of the best cosmopolitan and contemporary conurbations in South America with heaps of theaters, malls, museums, art galleries, parks, well-conserved colonial construction and even gourmet cafeterias
    La Paz: The utmost national capital in the world that is constructed in a canyon
    Lima: A snooping combination of modernism, outsized but arranged slum zones, and colonial architecture
    Montevideo: The amusing capital metropolitan of Uruguay, positioned on the east bank of the Rio de la Plata
    Rio de Janeiro: Renowned for its magnificent countryside, its relaxed beach culture, and its yearly carnival
    Santiago de Chile: Capital of Chile with several museums, events, theaters, restaurants, bars and other entertainment and cultural prospects
    São Paulo: An apiary of commotion that bids a cheerful nightlife and a varied cultural experience

    The most promising destinations of South America

    • 1Rio
    • 2Buenos Aires

    Do not escape the following sights of South America

    • 1 The Andes
    • 2 Canaima National Park, the Angel Falls
    • 3 Easter Island
    • 4 Iguaçu Falls
    • 5 Machu Picchu
    • 6 Galapagos Islands
    • 7 The Pantanal
    • 8 Salar de Uyuni
    • 9 Tierra del Fuego

    The adventurous things of South America

    • 1 Hike to Machu Picchu
    • 2 Watch Christ the Redeemer and Corcovado Mountain
    • 3 Summit Sugar Loaf Mountain
    • 4 Visit the Glaciers of Patagonia
    • 5 Absorb Carnival and Samba Shows in Rio
    • 6 Go Missing in the Rainforest
    • 7 See the Celebrated Panama Canal
    • 8 Discover the Volcanoes of Central America
    • 9 Learn about Rio’s Favelas
    • 10 Visit the National Parks

    The traditional culinary culture of South America

    The cuisines of South America are as varied as the republics within the landmass’s borders. One cause for this huge variety is that every realm in South America has been subjective to outside gastronomies and ingredients. Taste profiles and cooking influences from Africa, European countries, Native Americans and even Asia have altered South American cuisine into what it is currently. Some items usual of Latin American cuisine contain maize-based plates like tortillas, tamales, tacos, pupusas and arepas. Apart from this, there are numerous salsas and other condiments like guacamole, pico de gallo, mole, chimichurri, chili, aji, fiber present in their food. These spices are usually what offer the Latin American cuisines a separate taste, yet, every country of Latin America have a habit of consuming a different spice. For Food and Drink head to Argentina. Because of its climate and environment, the republic is questionably the finest place in the world for prime steak and a good glass of malbec for a price much cheaper than at home.

    The stirring shopping experience of South America

    South America can differ significantly reliant on which portion of the continent you are visiting for shopping of the indigenous products and domains. Some of the most advanced capitals tend to relish great shopping malls that can rival the finest in Europe and North America, while other metropolises adore astonishing markets where it is promising to catch some of the best spectacular souvenirs and clothing.

    The wild and energetic nightlife of South America

    South America nightlife bids travelers a distinctive chance to intermingle with natives. It offers a great tactic to see a portion of a capital's culture that you wouldn't generally get to perceive by just visiting the wonders, and there are certain great spaces in South America for those considering to party. Whether you are eyeing for enormous club nights with the world's Grade A DJ's, twirling sites or places with a casual vibe, there are ample of capitals across the continent worth staying. Brazil and Argentina have loads of nightlife to bargain but Colombia’s third city Calí is the world’s undoubted capital of Salsa with trickles of salsotecas energetic till dawn


    The continent of South America is situated typically in the Southern Hemisphere, therefore the climate of South America is largely rainy and moist. However, the huge size of the landmass makes the climate of South America diverse with each area dependent on features such as geographical situation, ocean currents, and winds.

    Best time to visit

    Jul–Aug is the low Season because in Chile and Argentina, various services are closed at beach resorts, and mountain passes are jammed by snow. Oct–Nov is the season to ponder on as it’s a dry season in the Amazon, creating for fine wildlife-watching. Fewer crowds and lesser prices make this a good time to visit Buenos Aires, Rio, and other coastal destinations. High Season begins from Dec to Mar in Brazil and the Atlantic coast as the beaches and festivals attract bigger crowds. This is the best time to visit Patagonia, though expect higher prices.

    Getting around South America

    Whether onboard a rickety chiva (open-sided bus) on the Ecuadorian coast, a motor-powered canoe in the Amazon or a trivial aircraft droning over the Andes, conveyance on this continent is a big portion of the South American exploration.

    Fights to South America

    Book cheap flights to South America with The Savvy Flyer and take advantage of our great rates on first class, economy, premium economy and business class flights to South America.  Whether you are flying to Brazil, Argentina, Peru or elsewhere on the continent we have all your South America flight needs covered. Here are our most popular flight destinations in South America - click the links to browse the very best economy, premium economy, first class and business class flights to South America.

    Buenos Aires

    Cities OfSouth America