Top Long Haul Flight and Holiday Destinations for 2020

Another year is almost upon us and thoughts start to turn to planning a summer holiday.  More and more far away places are more accessible and once luxury holiday destinations only visited by the well heeled are open to many more people.  2020 is set to be a cracker with global sporting & cultural events such as the Olympics in Japan, the new European Football Championship format and old favourites such as the Rio Carnival all set to attract more people than ever. 

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10 Things not to Miss in New York

New York City comprises 5 boroughs sitting where the Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean. At its core is Manhattan, a densely populated borough that’s among the world’s major commercial, financial and cultural centres. Its iconic sites include skyscrapers such as the Empire State Building and sprawling Central Park. Broadway theatre is staged in neon-lit Times Square. If you are visiting NYC, here are 10 things not to miss whilst here.

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10 Tips To Help Nervous Flyers

Do you love the thought of going on holiday but as your trip gets closer you begin to feel anxious about the thought of a flight? Maybe 1 in 4 people have some degree of nervousness when taking a flight so you are not alone.  There are lots of things that make us nervous such as public speaking, what to wear to an event, noises on an aeroplane etc.  Here are our 10 top tips to help combat nervousness so your flight is more enjoyable. 

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5 Luxury Holiday Destinations for 2020

Once upon a time a holiday to European beach resort was a big deal.  Places such as the Middle East, South America, Asia and even Australia and America were unthinkable unless you were super rich.  Nowadays these kinds of holidays are commonplace. 

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10 Popular Tourist Attractions in the UK

We often write about the best places to visit in exotic locations including incredible world heritage sites, popular American tourist spots, attractions in Australia and the best hotels around the world and often overlook the incredible places we have right on our doorstep in the UK.  So, we’ve put that right with our top 10 tourist attractions in the UK. 

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Incredible World Heritage Sites

There are over 1100 world heritage sites across the globe with over 30 in the UK alone.  Italy is the country with the most UNESCO World Heritage sites with 48 which considering its size is some feet.  From Mount Etna to Venice and its lagoon there are plenty of great places to visit in Italy but sadly none of them feature on our list of 5 incredible world heritage sites.  

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Cheap Last Minute Summer Flights in 2019

If you are getting restless and thinking of getting away in the next few months or need to travel for business but haven’t booked anything you will find the prices you see on flight comparison websites are getting dearer and dearer.   Don’t worry, get in touch with us with your travel plans and we will save you money on hotels and last minute flights this summer to long haul destinations across the globe.

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5 Reasons To Visit Chicago

Chicago is a great city. Often referred to as The Windy City, it is one of the biggest cities in America located on the shores of Lake Michigan in Illinois.  The name ‘Windy City’ is often suggested as being down to the gusts of wind that come off the massive Lake Michigan but many believe it is in fact attributed to the hot air bellowed by Chicago politicians aimed at New York to attract the World’s Fair to the city.  However it came about The Windy City is its most common nickname.

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Top Attractions in Australian Cities

Australia is a vast country (the 6th largest in the world) and although it is the most populated country in Oceania it is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world.  The interior of the country often referred to as the outback is mostly uninhabited and 90% of the population live in a handful of cities which are nearly all located on the beautiful coastal areas of the country.

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10 Airports with Fast Links to Their City

When flying long distances, the last thing you want when touching down is a long wait to get your luggage and an even longer transfer to your hotel or accommodation.  Some airports that share their name with their city namesakes are unfortunately located so travel takes time and it feels like an eternity before you can kick off your shoes and get settled at your final destination. 

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