10 Tips To Help Nervous Flyers

Help for Nervous Flyers

Do you love the thought of going on holiday but as your trip gets closer you begin to feel anxious about the thought of a flight? Maybe 1 in 4 people have some degree of nervousness when taking a flight so you are not alone.  There are lots of things that make us nervous such as public speaking, what to wear to an event, noises on an aeroplane etc.  Here are our 10 top tips to help combat nervousness so your flight is more enjoyable. 


Avoid Alcohol

You might think a few drinks will help settle your nerves, but it often has the opposite effect as you may not think as clearly and become more nervous.  Obviously don’t drink large amounts of alcohol before taking a flight, you may be stopped from boarding, make yourself ill or become erratic and not like your normal self.  There are plenty of people who have behaved in a way they wouldn’t dream of when excess drink and nerves combine to alter normal behaviour.



If you are feeling nervous, breathe slowly through your nose and out through your mouth.  It is amazing the calming effect soothing breathing can have.


Give Yourself Time

Give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport.  Rushing to get there or the thought of being late will add to your anxiety.


Drink Water

Flying is dehydrating which will make you less comfortable, drink water and soft drinks to keep yourself hydrated.


Talk to Flight Attendants

Talk to the flight attendants about your nervousness, they have done it all before and will have helped countless other passengers just like you.


Narrow it Down

Think about what makes you nervous about flying.  Identifying what it is you are nervous about will help rationalise your fears.  Is it the thought of turbulence, the fact you are not in control? Whatever the reason, knowing exactly what bothers you about flying will help you understand and help resolve your fears.



The inflight entertainment options are growing all the time.  Immerse yourself in a film/tv/music.  The latest film releases are often available (you can check what is on before you fly) so save the latest blockbuster for your flight.  For example, if you are flying with Virgin you can check out what’s on for your flight here: https://flywith.virginatlantic.com/gb/en/on-the-flight/inflight-entertainment.html


Bring Your Own Entertainment

Bring something to read, a puzzle book, a new bestseller, magazine or download a new app.  A good one to bring is a travel guide for your destination as this will help you focus on the positive reasons for your travel.



Try and sleep.  Sleeping will pass the time better than anything.  If you are travelling in business class or first class, you will more than likely have a fully reclining seat/bed which will provide lots of comfort – take advantage of it!


Be Positive and Look Forward

If you are travelling for a holiday, think about all the brilliant things you will be doing when you get to your destination.  Being positive and looking forward will help dispel the nerves.


Remember, air travel is the safest form of transport around so don’t worry.

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