Top 5 Long Haul Destinations for 2018

Whether it is your regular summer getaway, or you are celebrating something special or maybe looking for a holiday of a lifetime there is nothing better than a long haul destination to a faraway place to make for a dream holiday.  Our list of the top 5 long haul destinations for 2018 will have you drooling and ticking off the days before you jet away.  So, get your flight socks ready, fill your suitcase with your best threads and bring plenty of money because these long haul destinations do not come cheap! 


  1. Florida

Orlando, the Florida Keys, the Gold Coast, Miami, the Gulf Coast – The Sunshine State is packed with places to enjoy a fabulous holiday in the sun.  Orlando is the world’s premier location for the most exciting theme parks in the world.  Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Busch Gardens and Sea World are just a handful of the most popular theme parks Florida has to offer.  If you are looking for a family holiday of a lifetime you can be sure your kids will opt for the theme parks of Florida.

Florida’s Gulf Coast is one of the lesser visited areas in the state, but it is home to some of the world’s best beaches.  St Pete’s and Clearwater are two great places if you want an outdoor holiday centred on the beach.  Beaches are a big draw for holidays to the Florida Keys, the Gold Coast and Miami.  Miami is the cool city with an unforgettable nightlife – take a trip down Ocean Drive where the beach meets the bars and the cool hang out.  Don’t forget the Everglades and the myriad of golf courses which are both big draws for holidaymakers in Florida.

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  1. Thailand

You will find Thailand in South East Asia, situated between Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Malaysia with coasts on the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea.   lies the tropical paradise of Thailand. Once considered a stop off for backpacking on gap year holidays Thailand has grown into a destination for travellers on all budgets.  Luxury holidays abound with accommodation choices ranging from idyllic beachfront bungalows, high-tech city skyscrapers and romantic pool villas with Phuket, Koh Samui and Krabi. The countries attractions are endless, with miles of sandy beaches, national parks, pristine dive sites and fascinating cultural centres. Absorb yourself in the Thai culture and relax as you meet your friendly Thai hosts, only too happy to introduce you to their unique country.

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  1. New York

The Big Apple, the city that never sleeps…New York has plenty of names but quite simply it is an amazing city.  New York has well over 75 world class sights and attractions and so much to see and do it is impossible to take it all in on 1 visit.  There are numerous shopping opportunities at well known stores such as Macey’s, Barney’s, Tiffany’s and many more as well as lots of high end boutiques where you can purchase everything from designer clothes and jewellery to souvenirs and the latest electronic gadgets.  Your culinary appetite is well catered for in New York with over 24,000 restaurants, delis, takeaways, cafes and eateries with delicacies for all tastes and budgets.  Entertainment is alive in New York with up to over 35 theatres to choose from on Broadway, a hub of activity against a backdrop of giant electronic billboards in Times Square and of course a myriad of sporting events taking place regularly at renowned venues like Madison Square Garden.  New York is the city that never sleeps but you can enjoy some relaxation whilst in the heart of the city by taking in Central Park which often has events and festivals to visit along with rowing, horse riding, cycling and many other pursuits for active visitors. Culture vultures will not be disappointed in New York with the American Museum of Natural History, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art the better known of a long list of museums and galleries to visit.  A great thing about New York is the fact that there are so many events, parades and festivals going on throughout the year it is distinctly different from the Winter to the Summer.

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  1. Dubai

Well known for luxury shopping, stunning architecture, luxury hotels and amazing activities Dubai is the city of the future you can visit right now.  Dubai really is a city where you can do it all, from desert safaris to skiing (yes skiing) and market haggling to water parks – there really is something for everyone in Dubai.   The nightlife in Dubai is lively with lots of parties at the bars and hotels but be respectful – the laws are different in the United Arab Emirates to the UK.  Families will have a ball in the water parks, on the beach, on a desert safari or in one of the fabulous aquariums.  Sports are well catered for in Dubai with lots of world class sporting events such as golf and horse racing taking place throughout the year – check the calendar when you travel to see what you can see.  Popular hotels in Dubai include the Atlantis The Palm Hotel, the Jumeirah Creekside Hotel, the Shangri La Hotel, Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah Hotel and the Fairmont The Palm Hotel.

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  1. The Bahamas

The stunning Bahamas are a group of roughly 700 islands in the Caribbean to the south of Florida and north of Cuba.  The most popular holiday destinations of all the islands are Grand Bahama, Nassau and Paradise Island which are home to many of the luxury hotels.  If you are looking for an all inclusive luxury holiday to an exotic location then the Bahamas should be high on your shortlist.  Sunshine, beaches, snorkelling, sailing or just relaxing in 5 star surroundings – you can have it all in the Bahamas.  The soft, powdery white sands are amongst the best in the Caribbean and the crystal clear waters are an absolute joy to swim in.  Dive amongst shipwrecks from the days of pirates and smugglers, explore the historic sites in Nassau, or enjoy the waterpark, casino and aquarium at the world famous Atlantis Paradise resort on Paradise Island.  The best time to enjoy a luxury holiday in the Bahamas is between December – May although June to October is fine to go but it does experience occasional rainfall through these months.  July to November is hurricane season in the Caribbean.

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