Tips For Making The Most Out of Your Business Travel

Business Trip Abroad

For some people a business trip abroad is great experience for others the time spent away from family can be a drag, particularly if you are travelling across multiple time zones or away from family for some time.  There are things we can all do to make these trips abroad easier.  Here are a few tips that will make your business trip abroad a more enjoyable and productive experience.


Get Organised BEFORE You Go

Print off a checklist for your packing and tick off the items as you put them in your case.  It is all too easy to forget an all-important charger or other device you need if you pack in a rush or are not organised.  Setting off in the full knowledge you have got everything you need reduces stress and makes for a comfortable start to your journey.


Unwind and See The Sights

Unwinding is important when you are away from home for an extended period in foreign cities.  Be sure to check out your destination cities for what the top attractions are, places of interest, what the local delicacies are and try and get to do something to unwind when you are not working.  Seeing some fabulous new sight or trying a new cuisine can really lift your spirits and give you a boost, making your your trip enjoyable and not a chore.


WI-FI Everywhere

Wi-fi – There is nothing more annoying when you need to catch up on some emails, do some work or something else that needs an internet connection to find out the Wi-Fi is rubbish in your room and the only places it works well are in the bar or lobby of the hotel. Many people want to be able to kick back in their PJ’s and get online in your hotel room.  Make sure the hotel has a good Wi-Fi throughout.


World Class Booking Agents

Book your business travel with a company that understands and thrives on the intricacies of travel to destinations around the globe.  There is nothing more annoying than realising part way through your trip that the itinerary could have been vastly improved, or the location of your hotel is all wrong for your plans.  The Savvy Flyer are experts in not only getting the best value business class travel but ensuring the right transfers, hotel locations (and facilities) are selected for your travel.  Your personal travel agent will ensure your trip fits the bill from the day you book until the day you return home.  Ask for all the things you want – a hotel with a laundry service, a hotel with excellent WI-FI, a good size desk in the room etc.


Take Advantage of Hotel Laundry Services

You are likely to have to pay over the odds for it but taking advantage of the hotel laundry service cuts down on the amount of stuff you need to pack into your case.  Most hotels offer a laundry service as it is a good money-maker for them, but it is worth the cost as you can pack less on your trip and you don’t have to rattle along through your trip with dirty laundry.  And try not to pack too many whites (or none) white shirts show stains, particularly sweat, much quicker than other colours and when you are in a hot and humid city you are going to sweat no matter how good the air conditioning is.


The Savvy Flyer specialise in premium class travel with the very best rates for business class travel and first class as well as offering industry leading rates on hotel bookings, car hire and transfers.  With an excellent rating on Feefo from our many happy customers we can ensure the very best business travel experience for you or your employees.  Call 0208 554 8866 now to find out how we can help you with your next business trip.

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