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    Flights to Muscat

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    Muscat Holiday Guide

    Muscat, the capital of Oman, is often termed as the “Jewel of Arabia”. Muscat is a harbor the identical of which cannot be found in the entire creation. Muscat means ‘safe anchorage’, and the sea remains to institute a chief part of the town. It carries people on cruise ships and belongings in containers to the significant harbors of Old Muscat and Mutrah. There are a range of stuffs that can be done in Muscat and it has approximately in stock for all palates, shoppers can visit the souk in Mutra for some attractive shopping, art and museum devotees can stopover at the celebrated museums of silverware and the National Museum in Ruwi. If you desire to just lay back and relax, the superb beaches in Muscat are a perfect place to be. 

    Muscat is the capital of Oman and the country’s largest city. Modern Muscat is attractive with its glittering waters and unique mountains, its significant past and their fragments. For all its loveliness, there are not many highlights to see in the city. Muscat, Mutrah and Ruwi are the central districts of the capital of Muscat. Folks from all over the world arrive to visit this capital city of Muscat encompassing three citizenries, specifically; Mutra, Ruwi and Muscat. Mutrah, about three km North West of Muscat, is the leading trading and residential area. A few km inland from Muscat and Mutrah is Ruwi, the contemporary commercial region of Muscat

    What to do in Muscat

    • 1Night Safari
    • 2Rock Climbing
    • 3Trekking
    • 4Camel Racing
    • 5Turtle Watching
    • 6Dolphin Watching
    • 7Horseback Riding
    • 8Jewelry Shopping

    What to see in Muscat

    • 1Royal Opera House
    • 2Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
    • 3Bait Al Zubair
    • 4Qurum Beach
    • 5Qurum Natural Park
    • 6Wadi Al Arbeieen
    • 7Mohammed Al Ameen Mosque
    • 8Muscat City Centre

    Shopping activities in Muscat

    Oman is thought to be the greatest place for obtaining Gulf souvenirs. Customary jewelry such as small silver boxes is very complexly designed. Gold, bronze, colored glass and old coins are used to beautify the basic silver toil. Kaftans and turbans worn by Omani men, khanjars (daggers) and local pottery are stuffs to purchase. Local craftsmen outshine in arts and handicrafts such as silver jewelry making and weaving. Bargaining is not done in Muscat as most charges are static particularly in restaurants, hotels and taxis. Bargaining in souks will be unsatisfactory.

    Eating out in Muscat

    With diverse categories of eateries and cuisines, eating out in Muscat is an enchantment. Mutra and Ruwi have numerous luxurious and economical restaurants, while Muscat has very limited. You can get Indian, Chinese and American fast food in Muscat. 

    Events and festivals of Muscat

    Camel racing is a bizarre sport, with great numbers of camels and their holders flocking at the racecourse. Camels are judiciously raised for the track and nurtured on greatly nutritious intake. Juvenile jockeys across strangely rushing bases produce wonderful enthusiasm at these junctures, which are held mostly during National Day celebrations, and other public holidays. Seeb is the focus for this exclusive sport, which can also be appreciated in Salalah, the Interior and Batinah region. Bull fighting is another prevalent sport here. The city embraces the Muscat Fashion Week in February wearing the cutting-edge Arabic styles and designs. Nightclubs and discotheques are established in the larger hotels, and alcoholic beverages are assisted in licensed hotels and restaurants only.

    Best time to visit

    The best time to visit Muscat is during the winter season. This season offers good time to visit this gorgeous well-preserved heritage city positioned in the Arabian Peninsula administering the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman. Summer season is the off season for tourists as it is extremely hot and humid and inappropriate for travelling


    It’s the ultimate car-based city. The city has a unique layout but has a small population have made cars a stress-free, attractive means of transport. In a car-centric culture, the Omani capital makes changes to inspire more people to try transit. Until currently, Muscat had slight in the way of public transportation. Save for taxis, which is an informal system of minibuses, and two very short bus lines.

    Important facts

    Homosexuality is presently illegal throughout the United Arab Emirates, likely resulting in penalties of deportation, fines, prison time, or the death sentence. Ramadan, the Muslim fasting month, is observed with several public restraints in place of eating, drinking or smoking from sunrise to sunset. Be sure to respect native customs and culture of Abu Dhabi. Locals incline to glare upon outfit that is “revealing,” Dark glasses, hat, water bottle, and suntan lotion, and a light sweater for winter nights. It is recommended that you avoid sleeveless, short and strappy dresses behind. Please confine swimwear to seaside and hotel precincts. Men are instructed not to appear bare-chested or shorts-clad in open as it can upset local sentiments.
    The climate is tropical, with hot and humid weather year-round. Winters have an average temperature during of about 30 degree Celsius and the nights are chillier with the temperature dropping down to an average of 15 degree Celsius. The summer season ranges from April to September and the temperature can reach up to 50 degree Celsius during the daytime. It showers rarely but mostly the weather is hot and dehydrated. The chances of suntan, heat strokes and dehydration are very high.

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