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Hong Kong

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    Hong Kong Holiday Guide

    Hong Kong greets with an iconic horizon, a fabled pantry, and swanky, sheltered flora and fauna where exceptional birdies and vibrant ethnicities flourish. The commercial and economic heart pompously parades the designation of “Asia’s World City.” From the neon-lit paths of Mongkok to the modest fishing communities in Tai O, you will certainly not run out of visions to discern. Innovative high-rise building fixed touching a twinkling port, the bells from double decker trams whooshing from side to side, the aroma of baked geese dangling by shop frames: Hong Kong creates a leading imprint like no other habitation on Globe.
    Hong Kong is recognized as the sphere over as a trendy commercial pivot, and an optimal town for extravagance shopping. But this city-state is soaked in arts and history and has a lot new to bargain than the mouth-watering dim sum and a striking horizon. Hong Kong has a vigor about it that is tough to define. Zillions of populaces are packed into a very small space that in some way appears to function perfectly. Every corner has roughly fresh and distinctive, whether it’s an antique temple, a shop vending the modern electronic device, or a man taking his bird in an enclosure for a stride

    Understanding the geography of Hong Kong

    Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People’s Republic of China. It’s a residence with numerous characters as a consequence of being both Cantonese Chinese and having been under British annexation. As a Special Administrative Region of China, Hong Kong gifts a stimulating learning in the impacts of prehistoric Chinese culture as well as its own outlooks and history liberated from that of mainland China.

    Do not miss stuff in Hong Kong

    • 1Star Ferry
    • 2Victoria Peak
    • 3Victoria Central Business District
    • 4Wong Tai Sin Temple
    • 5Tsim Sha Tsui
    • 6Avenue of Stars
    • 7Ocean Park
    • 8Repulse Bay and the Beaches
    • 9Big Buddha (Tian Tan Buddha Statue)
    • 10Tai O Fishing Village

    Obligatory things to do in Hong Kong

    • 1Take the Tram to Victoria Peak
    • 2Trip the Star Ferry
    • 3Absorb the Temple Street Night Market
    • 4Wander Along Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade
    • 5Relish Dim Sum in a Local Restaurant
    • 6Trip in the Tram (Ding Ding) for Sightseeing
    • 7Adore a Macau Day Trip
    • 8Discover Lantau Island
    • 9Have Fun at Ocean Park
    • 10Find out Hong Kong's History

    Shopping opportunities in Hong Kong

    From ready-to-wear Chinese robes to modified specialty knives, the absolute diversity of merchandises in Hong Kong’s shops is dizzying. Every economic need and the urge is supplied for in 'can do' life-force by a likewise striking collection of locations – showy malls where the wealthy shop, fashionable side-street boutiques and outmoded burrows where fashionista find their jewels, nerdy gadget markets, and a blend of markets where you can bargain to your core’s content. The metropolitan has not at all sales tax so charges are usually striking to tourists

    Vibrant food culture of Hong Kong

    One of the realm's topmost gastronomic capitals, the town that respects the Deity of Cookery has many an expert in the scullery, whether the delectableness in the vessel is Cantonese, Sichuan’s, Japanese or French. So profound is the capital's love of foodstuff and so extensive its culinary collection that whatsoever culinary wishes, Hong Kong will catch a technique to satisfy them. The response might be a vessel of wonton noodles, freshly steamed dim sum, a warm pineapple bread roll crushed with butter, a couple of the sugary prawns, your first-ever smelly tofu, or the formations of the newest luminary chef.

    Lively cultural background of Hong Kong

    Beneath the glass and steel of Hong Kong’s money-making personality is a vibrant cultural background where its Chinese origins, colonial influences and the assistances of its home-based endowment grow tangled. Here you’re just as expected to catch yourself congratulating at Asia’s best film festival as piecing together in dawn taichi or construing the couplets of a native poet to the drumming of a dragon ferry. Culture could also mean indie melody by the port or Chinese opera in a bamboo auditorium, not to reference the thousands of displays showed year-round at the town's various museums and concert halls.


    Hong Kong has a sub-tropical climate but is well-ventilated in wintertime by sea breezes. Summer from June to September is extensive, moist and warm. Typhoons typically follow between June and September and can carry a standstill to local business actions for a time or less. Winters are usually very warm but night temperature drops. Spring from March-May and autumn from September-November/December have normal temperature

    Best Time to Go

    Due to a subtropical climate, Hong Kong’s scorching summer months are sauna-like, and there are regular monsoons and typhoons throughout that time of year. Leading timing for a tour drops around mid-October to late December, when temperatures are still mild and Chinese tourists teeming in for the week-long nationwide break have gone.


    Hong Kong scores a refined structure of trains and buses between Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories, whereas 27 ferry itineraries take care of conveyance to remote islands. The 110-year old trams that gust through the central island's best iconic zones. Taxis are also comparatively cheap, though it can be tough to persuade cab drivers to cross the harbour. Find flights to Hong Kong




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