3 Hot Holiday Destinations for 2018

The new year is already over a month old  and  Christmas is well and truly over our thoughts will inevitably turn towards 2018 travel plans.  The world is your oyster and you can choose from a huge range of destinations across the globe.  If you are looking for an exotic destination in 2018, you will find a few hot destinations that you may not have considered that are well worth a look.


If you are looking for adventure, Chile is a great choice.  With diverse environments including deserts, polar islands and a whopping 36 national parks and home to some beautiful boutique hotels.  Popular places to visit include the Atacama Desert, Patagonia and of course the capital, Santiago.  British Airways fly direct to Santiago from London Heathrow 4 times each week with flights coming in at under 15 hours.  Stopover flights will take longer but can offer better value. 

Flights to Santiago from the UK can be booked with The Savvy Flyer with huge savings available on published fares.

Typical return flights.  Economy flights to Santiago from £580, premium economy from £790, business class from £1900, First Class from £3900.  Find out more about flights to Santiago


South Africa

The rainbow nation is a diverse holiday destination with dramatic mountain ranges, secluded beaches, vibrant cities, sun-soaked countryside and of course holiday of a lifetime safaris.  South Africa is an unforgettable country with a well-documented history and offers a choice of holiday experiences.  The Kruger National Park has an excellent collection of lodges and is home to the big five – African Elephants, Leopards, Buffalo, Lions and Rhinoceros – this is often the choice for first time visitors to South Africa, keen to enjoy these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.  Cape Town and the iconic Table Mountain are another highlight, The garden route is another great journey to undertake as are a number of rail journeys available throughout this amazing country.  Find out more about South Africa

Return flights to Johannesburg typically cost; Economy from £460, Premium Economy from £590, Business Class from £1050, First Class from £2000.


New Zealand

New Zealand continues to enthral, but as it is so far it is worth making the most of it and going for at least 3 weeks or even longer if you can get the time off.  The scenery in New Zealand is well documented and is a huge pull for visitors.  Incredible mountain ranges, sweeping valleys, stunning waterfalls, beautiful beaches, fabulous fjords will ensure you return from New Zealand with fantastic memories of a beautiful country.  Don’t forget the great towns and cities across both the South and North Island – you will feel incredibly welcome.

Flights to New Zealand are available to several destinations such as Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.  Economy from £580, Premium Economy from £1275, Business Class from £1650 and First Class from £2400.


If you are looking for travel guides for destinations across the world, look at these destinations and find out more about the top cities, best attractions, best time to go, weather to expect, culture and much more;



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