Long Haul Destinations from Newcastle Airport

You can discover the world from Newcastle airport.  Travellers in the North East, North West and southern Scotland will find Newcastle airport a handy option for departures across the globe.  Newcastle airport serves many long-haul destinations across all continents (apart from Antarctica!) Bali, Chicago, Dubai, Lima, New York, Shanghai and Tokyo are just a few of the destinations served by Newcastle Airport.  Newcastle airport has direct flights to long haul destinations such as Orlando, Dubai, Dominican Republic and Mexico and a huge range of indirect flights to exotic long-haul destinations in South America, Asia, Australia, the Indian Ocean, North America and the Middle East.   Find out more about Newcastle airport below;

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Top Luxury Long Haul Holiday Destinations from the UK

Our list of the most luxurious long-haul holiday destinations from the UK are popular choices for UK holidaymakers looking for a 5 star escape to a destination in a country far, far away.  Whether it is the golf courses and theme parks in Florida, a sun drenched island in the Caribbean or a tranquil beachfront lodge in the Maldives, these destinations will have you packing your donning your flight socks and packing your finest holiday shirt and lots of sun cream.

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