5 Star Luxury at the Atlantis Palm Dubai

The stunning Atlantis Palm Dubai is a luxurious 1540 room 5-star hotel with a plethora of entertainment and leisure facilities making it one of the most popular family resorts in the world.  Located at the apex of The Palm Jumeirah (one of Dubai’s amazing man-made islands) it opened to an extravagant fanfare in 2008 with stars of stage and screen treated to gourmet dining, stage shows, and an extravagant firework show that lit up the Dubai sky. 

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Take a Trip to Spectacular Canada

Canada holidays have much to offer travellers from the UK, from the breathtaking scenery of the Rocky Mountain Range straddling the British Columbia/Alberta border, the numerous outdoor activity opportunities of British Columbia on the Pacific coast to the bustling and vibrant cities of the Eastern Provinces and even Polar Bear spotting in Manitoba. A trip to Canada has it all.

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Romance in Las Vegas

Are you planning a holiday to Las Vegas with your loved one, maybe for a special occasion, an anniversary or just to experience this great city?  Las Vegas is a fantastic city with so much to see and do and there are thousands of websites dedicated to the top attractions and tours available on The Strip and the surrounding area but an often-overlooked feature of this vibrant city is how romantic a place it can be.  For starters, it is the wedding capital of the world with more wedding chapels and ceremonies taking place here than anywhere else on the planet.

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Visiting San Francisco on a Budget

If you are planning a trip to San Francisco you will find there are lots and lots of things you can do and enjoy on a budget.  First of all you need to save money getting to San Francisco, which is where we can help with low cost flights to San Francisco from the UK.  If you would like to travel in style we have low cost business class flights to San Francisco. Continue reading “Visiting San Francisco on a Budget”

15 Interesting Facts About Airlines and Airports

We could have named this post, 15 useless facts about air travel but you may just be surprised by some of these facts about air travel.  So next time you fly, impress your fellow passengers with these (often bizarre) facts about air travel, airlines and the people who fly your planes.

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5 Cities You Must Visit Once in Your Lifetime

When compiling this list, we realised we could quite easily have called it 25 cities you must visit in your lifetime as the beauty, diversity, attractions, architectural extravagance and vibrancy on offer in the worlds cities is remarkable.  We will maybe add to this list over time but as these cities are spread across the globe the opportunity to visit 25 may not be possible for even the most discerning of traveller.

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