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Take a look at our travel guide, if you are scheduling a tour to Canada

Canada is beyond its colossal mountain, rugged shoreline and virtuous guises, it is home to bizarre feasts, unruffled rocks culture and expanding wildlife, moose spotting road tours. Wandering through Canada gives visitors numerous chances to relish culture, countryside, voyage, exploration, and all styles of activities. As visitors navigate the country they will treasure extraordinarily miscellaneous sceneries, a combination of traditional influences, exclusive cities, and stimulating fascinations.

A dip in the geological arrangement of Canada

Canada has only one bordering kingdom – America, which largely rims it laterally in the south and moderately in the northwest i.e. Alaska. The motherland is prepared of three northerly terrains and ten provinces. Thinning out across 7730 km east to west, Canada incorporates seven of the biosphere’s biggest lakes and three of the lengthiest rivers. Foothills, woods, a small desert, grasslands, plains, stream channels, islands, all of them are contemporaneous in the topographical fusion that is Canada.

List of best cities in Canada

  • 1


  • 2


Things to see in Canada

  • 1 Banff National Park and the Rocky Mountains
  • 2 Toronto's CN Tower
  • 3 Old Quebec (Vieux-Quebec)
  • 4 Whistler
  • 5 Ottawa's Parliament Hill
  • 6 St. John's Signal Hill National Historic Site
  • 7 Old Montreal
  • 8 Polar Bears of Churchill, Manitoba
  • 9 The Bay of Fundy
  • 10 Victoria's Inner Harbor

Things to do in Canada

  • 1 Bear Watching
  • 2 Whale Watching
  • 3 Wildlife Viewing
  • 4 Hit the snow at ski resorts
  • 5 Enjoy the theatre festivals

Enchanting Cultures

Drink café au lait and tuck into a blistering croissant at a walkway eatery in Montréal, set out to an Asian nocturnal arcade and gulp noodles in Vancouver, pay out for a crazy trifling Celtic bash on Cape Breton Island; kayak amid forest masked Indigenous settlements on Haida Gwaii: Canada is exceptionally miscellaneous across its range and inside its conurbations. You'll catch it in the harmony, understand it in the paintings and recognize it in the gastronomy.

The Groovy Outdoors

The world's second and largest republic has a ceaseless diversity of sceneries. Over-the-top Elevations, glossy glaciers, phantom rainforests and isolated seashores are all here, proliferated through six times zones. It's the background for sufficient stirring moments and for a huge company of native charismas. That's large as in polar bears, whining bears, whales and, everyone's beloved moose. The topography also sorts for a whimsical playground. Whether it's snowboarding Whistler's peaks, surfing Nova Scotia's waves or kayaking the white-lathered South Nahanni River in the Northwest Territories, endeavors prosper. There are placid choices, too, like rambling Vancouver's Stanley Park or swimming in Prince Edward Island's pink beaches.

Gourmet Fare

Canada is a native cuisine smorgasbord. If you browsed transversely the realm, you'd block your platter with salmon and velvety scallops, poutine and lobster with a drop of fluid butter. Tastemakers flaunt Canadian cuisine with unique seafood, tangy cheeses, and juicy, cyclic fruits and veggies. Same for the appreciated daring reds and crunchy whites manufactured from the republic's vine hooped gorges.

Best time to visit

The Finest time to pop in the state is during spring, summer, and autumn, encircling the months of April to October. Spring i.e. April to May is a charming period to stopover owing to the blooming of tulips and daffodils throughout the republic, with the additional benefit of warming up days and off-peak season tourist charges. Correspondingly autumn from September to October, eyewitnesses the fall greenery in Canada, with the temperatures contented to relish exploring and outdoor undertakings, yet absconding the tourist rush of summer.Within the series of a perfect period to visit Canada, summer time is observed as the crowning tourist season. The summer months of June to August are categorized by warm days and calm nights, with moisture being more focused on the seaside areas.


Canada is big, the second biggest nation in the sphere after Russia. This means that you will require numerous days to appreciate even a portion of the republic. The finest method to get around the country is by air or Float planes, lake to lake in northern Canada is an additional technique to tour. You can also travel by intercity coach, which is accessible between most key cities in Canada. If you are planning a road trip, a substitute to car rental is to rent an RV (motorhome or campervan).If you are planning to visit this exceptional country we have excellent deals on economy, first and business class flights to Canada.  



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